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Yes! You are the newest person on my mailing list! I’ve had this sneaking suspicion for the longest time that there are some truly amazing experiences to be had out there in the world. Some will take me to some far off island in the Pacific with a horrible Wifi connection and others will be right in my own backyard. I’m a visual storyteller and I want to share my journey with you through photos and videos that I hope will inspire you get out there and do more.

But I also need you!

The Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain and YouTube have given me some great ideas for places to explore and experiences I had to add onto my Bucket List, but I know there are still so many not so well known and special experiences that out there. Tell me about them. Let me know why I need to put it on radar today. Even better, let’s try to do it together. Is there some crazy pillow fight out there between Civil War reenactment actors and Lord of the Rings fan? I’ll grab a 400 count Egyptian cotton pillow cover, a couple of GoPros and see you there. How about a diner challenge where I can win a t-shirt for eating 5 pounds of Ribeye topped with low-fat Greek yogurt ice cream? I want to do it all.

I’ll be sending periodic emails with my best stories, photos, videos and plenty more goodness your way soon. For now, explore away. Why not start here with my post about that time I met the Dalai Lama or the time I biked down the Death Road.

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– Kien