“Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You” – Mary Schmich

What would life be if we didn’t have little adventures every now and then? It doesn’t where or what, as long as I get outside and just do something. Below you can read about some of the adventures I’ve been on, many of which I just discovered along the way, like river sledging and canyon swinging in New Zealand, or being surrounded by a million jellyfish in Palau. Age is just a number, and as long as my body and mind is intact, I’ll keep doing this until something gives. One of the best pieces of wisdom I’ve read is to do one thing each day that scares you. So, tell me, what scares YOU? And what’s keeping you from doing it anyway?


How To Go Wing Walking On A Plane

This is an accompanying piece to my story about That Time I Walked The Wing Of Moving Plane. It provides a deeper look into the training sequence involved to get started with wing walking at the Mason Wing Walking Academy in Sequim, Washington.

That Time I Fell Down A Mountain And Krazy Glued My Head

Adventure Survival Tip #5: Carry Krazy Glue. Once upon a time, I glissaded down the side of a snowy mountain, lost control, slipped, tried to self-arrest for the first time without any prior practice, split my head open with my ice ax, self-arrested properly the second time around, and preventing myself from serious harm or death.

Bucket List: Yankee Doodle Canyoning In Zion

1. Brick It:  verb \ ‘brik it \ : To “Brick it” is to “sh*t a brick”, where one is scared to the point that one not only loses control of their bowels, they lose control epically, resulting in something akin to a brick being dispelled and left behind.