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My name is Kien and I’m an international photographer and filmmaker. Over the last 10 years, I’ve traveled to 70+ countries to find the most wonderful things to check off my bucket list. I hope to share that experience and what I’ve learned to help you do the same.

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The Adventurer’s Guide To Wing Walking In 2024

This is an accompanying piece to my story about That Time I Walked The Wing Of Moving Plane. It provides a deeper look into the training sequence involved to get started with wing walking at the Mason Wing Walking Academy in Sequim, Washington.


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WOW Porto: 8 Local Insider Tips for Porto

The WOW Cultural District in Porto is one of most ambitious city projects in years turning an old warehouse area in the historic district of Vila Nova de Gaia into a spanning modern complex with 7 unique museums and a plethora of restaurants and cafes.

Trastevere: Where Locals Escape The Crowds In Rome

There are few modern cities in the world that rival Rome as far as culture and history. Despite being a thriving urban capital, I find it mind-blowing that structures like the Pantheon, the Coliseum, and the Roman Forum still exist right in the middle of the city.