“The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be.” – Alain de Botton

Film is my way of capturing what one or even a series of photographs cannot properly convey. There’s something wonderful about the way you can steal from moments that no longer exists and get to relive them. In this way, how can we say that time travel doesn’t exist? Perhaps not how science fiction defines it, but the medium of film is man’s best effort so far as manipulating time and the past. Below are some of my travel film projects over the years. I’d like to think that in a span of a few minutes, a bunch of moments can be threaded to bring back all the memories of the instances in between for me. For the viewer, I want to take them to these places in a way where the senses that are missing can be imagined.



Title: Longboard x Nayarit
Location: Nayarit, Mexico
Camera: DJI Mavic Pro

Title: Monkiiventure Lofoten
Location: Lofoten Islands, Norway
Camera: Sony A7SII, GOPRO Hero 3+ Black, DJI Mavic Pro

Title: Mongolia Road Trip Across The Eternal Blue Skies
Location: Mongolia
Camera: Sony A7SII, Sony RX100 IV, DJI Mavic Pro

Title: Americana On The Road
Location: Route 66, USA
Camera: Sony A7SII, Sony RX100 IV

Title: Myanmar Timeless
Location: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Hsipaw, Ngwesaung, Myanmar
Camera: Sony A7SII, Sony RX100 IV

Title: Jelly
Location: Palau
Camera: GoPro 3, Sony RX100 IV

Title: Over That Waterfall
Location: Muir Woods, California
Camera: Sony A7II
Behind The Video: Read here

Title: Goedemorgen
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Camera: Sony A7II
Behind The Video: Read here

Title: Escape: Exploring BC
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Camera: Sony A7SII, Sony RX100 IV

Title: Time and Again
Location: Scotland, New Zealand, USA, England, Canada, Australia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Mexico, UAE, India, Germany, Qatar, Honduras, Denmark
Camera: Sony NEX-6, Nikon D800, Panasonic GX7
Behind The Video: Read here

Title: Time Is Nothing
Location: USA, Peru, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Chile, Bolivia
Camera: Panasonic GX-1

Title: Burn
Location: Black Rock City, Nevada
Camera: Nikon D800, Sony NEX-6