Let’s Collaborate!


If you have an idea of how we can do something together, reach out. I’m all ears.

Some of the best travel experiences and projects I’ve worked on over the years has been the result of somebody somewhere thinking, “hey, this is perfect for you” or “you should connect with this person.”

First off, if you know of an adventure, an experience, an amazing place to eat, a local hidden gem or anything cool, let me know. Send me your tips. Tell me about a festival that I have to be at. Tell me about something that needs to go on my Bucket List. There are so many amazing things happening all around the world and not everything has gone viral on Tik Tok. Thank goodness.

Shoot me an email here or message me on Instagram and tell me all about it. Big or small. If you’re doing something cool, I’m all ears.

What I Do

I like to tell stories. Whether it’s a photo series, a film, or an article, I seek out a unique narrative to share an experience with the world. What you’re getting from me is the creation process from start to finish: concept to direction to execution. We’ll figure out the story we want to tell, how we want to tell it, and then just go out and do it.

I’ve worn different caps on different projects, but at the core of it, I act as the creative director of the story we are trying to tell together.


For you explorers, daredevils and outdoor lovers, tell me a bit about your trips. Are you doing something special?  As a photographer and filmmaker, I enjoy being able to capture the adventure as much as being a part of it. I’ll do my best not to slow you down. Let’s get going.

Illustrators, Graphics and Web Designers

Those of you with an eye for detail and design, I’m always on the look out for cool ways to transform or showcase my work. Show me some of your work and style and let me know how you’d like to collaborate. If you have any cool ideas on how I can interact better through my site or social media, don’t hold back. Tell me about it.

Photographers and Videographers

As much as I enjoy being behind the lens, it’s incredibly useful to have other photographers and videographers around to help share my story locally and abroad. I love connecting with people wherever I go and sharing my knowledge with other photographers. There’s plenty for me to learn as well so let’s connect. If you are based in San Francisco, even better. Email me.

Film Editors/FX Artists/Animators

I really enjoy the editing process, but I’d love to work with other talented people to make my films more dynamic and better. It’s unfortunate how much good footage I have that never sees the light of day because I never get the chance to edit them before hitting the road again to shoot the next adventure. If you’re a talented editor, FX artists or animator, let’s work together and produce some kick-ass sh*t. Start drafting that email.

Models/Stylists/Make-Up Artists

If you’re more the in front of the camera type or the amazing people who help to put it all together, send me an email with your experience and some photos of yourself, if applicable. The best way to learn is to practice and to do. Let’s collaborate and make some amazing photo shoots together. Send that email.

Companies and Sponsors

If you are doing something cool or have some amazing offering, let me know. I’m also an a gear addict. I love to play with them. I love to test them out. I love to help people find the best tools to help them on their own adventures and projects. If you’ve got something cool and want me to check it out, shoot me and email. If there’s a good fit, we’ll go from there. Tell me about your company and how we can work together. Got a cool hotel and want me to check it out and photograph? Let me know and if it’s on my route, I’ll be happy to stop by. Offering a helicopter tour over a volcano? Let’s share that view with the world. I’ve worked with some amazing agencies, tourism boards, and companies large and small to produce unique content. Shoot me an email.

At this point you get the idea. Let’s work together and see what we can do.