A 54-Page Guide To Better Travel Photography

A 54-Page Guide To Better Travel Photography

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You’ve booked your flight and packed your bags for that big trip. Passport. Check. Travel towel. Check. Camera. Check. That last one is important. There’s so much to see on your travels and you want to capture it all. That’s why you’re going to lug around that heavy camera and your arsenal of lens with you everywhere so that you don’t miss that perfect shot. Sounds familiar? And then you end up leaving it in the hotel because it’s so cumbersome. Still sounds familiar?

In the last few years, I’ve taken photographs in over 60 countries and most were taken with something other than my full frame DSLR. I opted for smaller systems like the Panasonic GF-1 and the Sony NEX-6 because they fit neatly into a small shoulder bag I carry with me almost everywhere. Now I’m toting around a Sony A7III that’s got almost everything I’ve ever wanted in a camera. And it’s fits in the tiniest of bags.

I want to share some of that knowledge and experience to help you take better travel photos yourself. I put together a 54 page guide with a look at 25 of my favorite travel photos. For each image, I break down the settings I used for the shot and share my thoughts, motivation and technique for capturing that image.

Below are a few pages from the guide. The whole guide is free to download.

Mobile Download Link | Desktop Download Link

No catch. There’s no strings attached to my information. I earn my money from my photography and films and working with brands. Subscribe if you want to hear about cool shit from me from time to time. Otherwise, enjoy the guide and I hope it helps you take better photos.

Guide To Taking Better Travel Photos Copenhagen Denmark

Guide To Taking Better Travel Photos Backlighting

Guide To Taking Better Travel Photos ND Filter

Updated on May 28, 2024


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