Bucket List: Eating Fresh Mutton In Morocco

Bucket List: Eating Fresh Mutton In Morocco

Usually when a bus takes a break stop, it’s either at some awful restaurant that pays it a commission or a cheap cafe serving sodas, chips, and maybe a sandwich. Some days you just get lucky. My bus from Chefchaouen to Fes pulled over to some sketchy restaurant with a fancy French name. I didn’t expect much.

Cafe Boucherie Morocco

Right after getting off the bus, the smokey smell of fresh meat hit me like a shot of adrenaline (like the ones you see in the movies in a syringe). I saw a couple of carcasses hanging in front of what looked like a butcher’s window so I was curious.

Fresh Mutton Hanging Butcher Morocco

Know Where Your Food Comes From

I mustered up my best French and tried to ask what it was. I didn’t pick up what he said, but I heard “mutton”. “Mutton?”. “Yes. Fresh mutton. Just killed today my friend”. “How much?” “15 Dirhams”. That was about $2. I didn’t know what I’d be getting, but I just wanted whatever was grilling. I paid him and received a plate of raw meat in return.

Raw Fresh Mutton In Morocco

He pointed me over to the man by the grill. I proceeded to hand over my meat. And that’s what she said.

Moroccan Mutton Grilling

10 minutes later, he called for me and handed over a new-ish plate with my freshly grilled mutton. I could see the grease bubbling off the meat and was already salivating at the thought of those charred bits in my mouth.

Grilled Mutton In Morocco

Empty Plate Of Grilled Mutton Bones in Morocco

On the way out, I think I saw next week’s batch.

Lambs On Side Of Road In Morocco

Updated on May 28, 2024


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