Bucket List: Why I Paid $130 For Afternoon Tea At the Burj Al Arab

Bucket List: Why I Paid $130 For Afternoon Tea At the Burj Al Arab

Bucket List: Why I Paid $130 For Afternoon Tea At the Burj Al Arab

There’s one 7 star hotel in the world. Although it’s self-awarded, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is a symbol of the excess and reach of the Emirates. It’s built on its own man-made island and a night in the hotel costs well over $1000. You can’t even stop in for a quick peek…unless you have a reservation to eat there.

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Burj Al Arab Dubai Exterior

So, for a minimum fee, you can find your way into this pretty exclusive hotel, if only to see what the fuss it about. So what are some of your options?

You can go all out with the Culinary Flight and eat a course at each of the 5 restaurants in the hotel. Lunch will run about $220 and dinner will cost $280. The cheapest option is to do the Ultimate Afternoon Tea at the Sahn Eddar restaurant for about $130 when all is said and done (Update: It’s about $172 or 635 AED before gratuities as of January 1, 2020). The question is whether it is worth it? Here’s my review.

Inside The Burj Al Arab

From the outside, the world’s 4th tallest building was built to look like a sail. Inside, it honestly just looks like another Las Vegas hotel, except with a lot more gold.

Burj Al Arab Dubai Interior

Burj Al Arab Dubai Interior

Burj Al Arab Dubai Interior

The toilets are stocked with Hermes products and I pondered for a moment, while transfixed by the smell Eau d’Hermes,  whether the toilet paper needed to make contact to do its job. It does.

Sahn Eddar’s Ultimate Afternoon Tea

Let’s begin. For 635 AED you get the 7 courses and a glass of Louis Roederer champagne and a a ridiculously long tea list. I’ll start out of order for the sake of keeping it fun. With your choice of tea, you get a beautiful plate of finger sandwiches. Caviar, smoked salmon and quail eggs. These things almost looked too pretty to eat.

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Finger Sandwiches

Roast Beef. Simple. Moist.

Burj Al Arab Roast Beef Afternoon Tea

Sherbet with a freeze dried rose petal. Palate cleanser. Nice and tart

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Sherbet Freeze Dried Rose Petal

Scones with English clotted cream and an assortment of preserves.

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Scones Clotted Cream

An assortment of deserts to choose from. I chose them all. Cause why not.

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Sweet Desserts

Fruit tart. Mmm.

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Fruit Tart

So there you have it. Was it worth it? That depends on what kind of disposable income you have. Delicious food, flawless table setting and pinpoint service. And priced accordingly. It’s more than I’d normally pay for a meal, especially when I had just come from Nepal and paid $3 for my steak, but it’s also one of those things you do to do. When in Rome, as they say. I probably won’t be repeating this meal, nor would I fly half way around the world for it, but how often will I find myself in Dubai? How often will I be dining in a self-proclaimed 7 star hotel where I can use Hermes toilet paper?

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