AzulPitaya: Reviewing Sayulita’s Newest Beachfront Boutique Hotel

AzulPitaya: Reviewing Sayulita’s Newest Beachfront Boutique Hotel

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AzulPitaya is Sayulita’s newest beachfront hotel. It’s located right in the heart on town on Avenida Palmar and each of the 60 rooms in the hotel comes with a massive king size bed and a balcony overlooking Sayulita’s largest pool. The whole property is like a lush and green tropical garden and if you are looking for a place to stay in Sayulita that just about has everything at a good price, this is my go-to recommendation.

When it comes to finding a place to stay in Sayulita, know this. If you want to stay in the heart of town, you should expect noise at night. And yet, I still advise staying as close to the center possible. Though the town is not very large, and almost everywhere is walkable, a 10-15 minute walk each way adds up, especially if you’re making multiple trips back and forth in a day. So a good location should be a priority.

What makes AzulPitaya unique amongst the other hotels that’s right in town is that you have prime location on the beach and just off the main surf break, but it’s also quiet at night. I can’t stress that last part enough and you’ll very much appreciate it once you’re here. And the sunsets are spectacular from here.

Girl sitting in infinity pool at Azul Pitaya in Sayulita

My midweek stay was both a little escape from my apartment and a perfectly timed reprieve from the heat in June. When I saw the massive 47 meter pool, I knew we needed one thing – a giant floaty. I happened to mention this when we checked in and Paty, the hotel manager, walked me out to the pool and pointed to a giant llama. That’s right, a giant llama floaty.

Pool Party and Bonfire

Emy and I like to chill on the beach, but when you do that everyday, it’s nice to kick back on a lounge chair or just sit in a cool pool with a drink in your hand. After dropping our stuff off in the room, that was the first thing we did.

The pool was really nice so I ended up getting some day passes for my friends and invited them over for a little pool party and bonfire.

The hammocks, sand and bar right by a smaller pool overlooking the beach is quite a nice setup. From here, the sunset was shaping to be spectacular and nice to see everyone with a drink in their hands.

Just before sunset, we lit the bonfire for our marshmallows. Couldn’t remember the last time I did something like this and I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

The wading infinity pool and swing are also great places to catch the sunset and Sayulita has some of the best light I’ve seen anywhere.

Morning Massage On The Beach

I wanted to treat myself to a massage during my stay, so I asked Paty for a suggestion. And she delivered, introducing me to Emily Glos, who is easily the best massage therapist in Sayulita. I really hoping I could get a massage on the beach, and Emily was kind enough to set up her table right in front of the hotel.

For the next hour, I forgot where I was. She was incredible. If you need a massage while you’re in town, you can read a little Q&A I did with Emily and then book her and thank me later.

A Stay In With Fiber Optic Wifi

Though this was a little break from normal routine, both Emy and I still had some things we had to do. I had photos to edit and she had her online work. The wifi was actually really good, so we just stayed in and did some work by the balcony.  The only problem was that the massive king sized bed was so comfortable and inviting that she ended up tucking in and just reading for a few hours.

There was also a co-working area in the lobby where I noticed a couple of other guests working with 20mb asynchronous fiber optic wifi. I didn’t have a chance to check the speeds, but I was told that it’s available throughout the property. A couple of co-working spaces in town have really upped their internet game with the number of people working remotely and it’s nice to see a hotel do the same.

Location. Location. Location.

There are a lot of options for accommodations in Sayulita. Most of my friends stay just a bit outside the center because it’s more quiet, but I always take an apartment in the center because the convenience of not having to walk 10-15 minutes each time I want to go home is worth it for me.

When friends come to Sayulita, I tell them to do the same. On a map, some accommodations don’t seem so far away, but when you’re in town, a kilometer feels far. My gym, Sayulita Fit, is exactly a kilometer from where I normally stay and takes about 12 minutes to walk, but it always feels far here.

If you surf, even a 5 minute barefooted walk feels like it’s a mile away. Point is, you want to stay in close to town, especially for shorter visits. This hotel has one of the best locations in town. It’s just a couple of minutes to get to any relevant place in town and it’s literally right on the beach. But because it’s not directly by any of the bars or clubs, you don’t get the loud noise late into the night. The only evening you’d probably even hear anything is Friday night when the party is at Coco’s – and then you probably should be there instead of in your room.

Bonfire at sunset in Sayulita

Room and Amenities

All the rooms are more the less the same. In a good way. You don’t have to worry about getting the best room. Each one comes with a king sized bed, a large sofa and coffee table. The rooms are spacious and and I like the minimalist design to it.

There’s a small kitchenette with what you need to prep a small meal. It’s nice to have, but breakfast is included at AzulPitaya and there are so many incredible places to eat within a couple minutes walk that it’s not worth cooking. That said, AzulPitaya offers longer term stays for people who want to also take advantage of the co-working space. If you’re here in town longer, it’s nice to have a kitchen.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your beach towel, since one is provided for you to use during your stay.

La Bar Isla is also about 15 meters away and you can get your meals served at the hotel too. Meanwhile, there’s also a full service hotel bar by hammocks.

There’s also a really cute boutique shop inside the hotel for some nice gifts.

Before leaving I have to say that what made this stay was so pleasurable how nice everyone was. Everyone I talked to was fluent in English and was very helpful with our questions and requests. That’s Paty below. If you stay here, do say hi for from me.

Rooms are about $160 USD a night, but can vary depending on the season. You can book directly on AzulPitaya’s website or find their hotel on

If you’re heading to Sayulita, check out my comprehensive guide to the town and my local guide to eating in Sayulita. It’s one of my favorite spots in the world and I think you’ll very much appreciate that you’ve chosen this place for your next destination.

Looking for more travel inspirations? Scroll through some of the 450+ experiences on my bucket list. Maybe you’ll find your next adventure on there.

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Updated on May 29, 2024


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    3 years ago

    We have also visite Azulpitaya. And agree very much with was writen in this articule. Excellent service, installations and price.

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