The Ultimate Guide To Eating In Sayulita

The Ultimate Guide To Eating In Sayulita

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

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Update: I’m currently in Sayulita and a surprising amount of new places opened, while others have closed, rebranded, and/or opened in new locations (since my last visit in December 2019). It’s sad to have to delete some of my favorite places that are no longer around, but I’m enjoying the new restaurants and adding anything worthwhile to this list as soon as I’ve tried it.

One of the many reasons I come down to Sayulita in Mexico at least a couple of months every year is to eat. If you know me, you’ll know that enjoying food from around the world is what keeps me traveling and returning to places. I can’t think of many spots in the world with such a concentration of good food and stalls in such a small area. Over the years, I’ve made it a challenge to eat at every single place in town (at least a few times). There are over 100 places to eat here in this small town and I’ve done a good job, but it’s a never-ending task – new restaurants keep popping up.

With so many options for every taste, dietary restriction and budget, those with limited time might find it a little overwhelming. So for you lot, I highly you first check out all my favorite places. You can’t go wrong. You also really can’t go wrong with trying any of the food stalls on the street, especially the ones where you see a crowd.

For those with a little more time, I’ve broken it down by different categories and budgets, starting with my 6 all time favorite go to spots. You’ll definitely see some overlap in different categories.

Admittedly, this list is more centered around the main part of Sayulita, but some are across the bridge, which sounds farther than you think. Sayulita is small.

One last note. There are some places where you really can’t go wrong with most things on the menu, but there are some places that have specific items on the menu that make my list. I’ll do my best to point them out.

Favorite Places | Best Vegetarian/Vegan | Best Seafood | Best Steak/Chicken | Best Places On The Beach | Best Tacos | Best Street Tacos | Best BurgersBest Breakfast | Best Italian | Best Far East | Best Budget | Best Coffee | Best Cocktails/Drinks | Best Desserts |

My Favorite Places To Eat In Sayulita

These are the places that I immediately throw out when someone new arrives and asks for recommendations. They are also the places I go on a regular basis.

1. El Itacate. There’s so much to say about El Itacate that I’ll spread it out because it makes several lists. Their main thing here is steak tacos, but EVERYTHING on the menu is great. It’s THE place to go if you love cheese, because they make a chile and burrito that’s wrapped in fried cheese instead of a tortilla. They have a hibiscus taco that vegetarians will drool over and they bring out 3 trays of salsa, beans, fire grilled onions, and pico de gallo for you to top your dishes with. First place I eat at every time I get into town.

El Itacate Tacos In Sayulita

2. Mary’s Tacos. They have the best and most filling shrimp and fish tacos in Sayulita. Everything is cooked to perfection and topped with so many fresh ingredients. Two will fill me up. My go to dishes are the Sayulita Taco and the Cazuelita, a bowl filled with every soft of goodness. You can get it as a vegetarian dish, or topped with any of their proteins. The vegetarian and the shrimp are my favorite.

Mary's Tacos in Sayulita

3. La Fogonera. When I need a break from Mexican food, it’s not hard to convince any of my local friends to head La Fogonera, or “Techno Taco” as it’s affectionately known here for the music always playing from this food truck eatery. I come for the burgers, my favorite in town, but the quesadillas and tacos are amazing as well. Vegetarians love their hibiscus and zucchini options for the quesadilla and burgers – and I’m a fan too. They also serve kombucha and the agua fresca is always tasty. Scroll down to read more about what makes their burger so good.

4. Barracuda. This is one of the nicest place to eat in Sayulita right in the heart of Delfines (the Main Street heading to the bitch). They serve up the some of the best seafood of any restaurants in the area. I’ve tried many things on the menu, but I most highly recommend the seafood molcajete – a volcanic cauldron filled with giant prawns, octopus, arranchera steak, bacon wrapped peppers, and big slabs of queso all swimming in the most delicious sauce. In the evenings, you’ll almost always find street performers displaying their skills right in front of your table.

Seafood molcajete from Barracuda Sayulita

5. Organika. This place makes the list because I love eating all their healthy bowls to break up the heaviness of everything else in the town. They’ve got great açaí and poke bowls. Most bowls run somewhere around 150 pesos and up, so it’s not the cheapest options in town for either, but it’s consistent.

Tuna and Mango Bowl from Organika in Sayulita

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Places In Sayulita

I have a lot of vegetarian friends who struggle on the road sometimes. I’ve kicked off the list with some of the best places serving vegetarian and vegan options that are healthy and delicious.

1. Organika. This place serves up so many different vegetarian and vegan bowl options along with those acai bowls I mentioned earlier. An easy option for vegetarians.

2. Orangy. Surprisingly, Organika isn’t even the most vegetarian/vegan place in Sayulita. That honor goes to a little nook of a juice bar that serves up the thickest and most delicious smoothies and shakes. They also do a lot of energy dense balls.

3. Attico. Not only is this one of the best outdoor bars to go to for live music every night, they’ve got one of the best vegetarian menus. Try anything with the yaca (jackfruit) or go for one of their bowls. Large portions, cheap prices, really high quality ingredients. Probably the best value as far as bowls. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I ordered food here, since I had only ever come for the drinks and the music.

4. El Itacate. Here we go. For a steak place, there are some great options for vegetarians. I highly recommend the hibiscus (jamaica) tacos. The stuffed chilis are great too because you choose to have it filled with a mixed of sautéed vegetables. If you are hungry and love cheese, get the ‘Itacate’ filled with jamaica. You’ll smell and see it before you even sit down because there’s also a skillet of cheese being fried for someone’s order.

5. La Fogonera. This little food truck serves up one of my two favorite burgers in Sayulita. For vegetarians, they have an option with hibiscus and zucchini that’s just mouthwatering.

6. Mary’s Cafe. A repeat from my go to. Get the cazuelita de vegetales. And their jamaica (hibiscus) aqua fresca.

7. El Jakal. I wouldn’t call this a vegetarian place, as the selection isn’t very large, but my vegetarian friends come here for their jackfruit (yaca) dishes. It’s that good.

Best Seafood In Sayulita

Not only do these places offer the best seafood, they are probably the nicest and priciest restaurants in Sayulita. You don’t have to dress up, but maybe put on some shoes or sandals. There’s only 3 restaurants on this list, because you’ll find seafood at almost every restaurant. These just take it one step up.

1. Barracuda. My favorite of the bunch. The seafood molcajete is why I come, but I like going with others so we can share multiple dishes. The fish is always a fresh catch of the day and cooked to just the right degree of doneness. Every dish will delight. Also, check out the pulpo.

2. La Rustica. This is on par with Barracuda for serving up the most beautiful dishes. I love the blue and white enamel plates and bowls that everything is served in. La Rustica is an Italian restaurant, but they serve up the single best bite of fish taco in Sayulita. The only problem with the tacos are they almost too pretty to eat and a little on the smaller side. I recommend getting the grilled octopus here.

3. Matiz. Tucked away in a little plaza called the Agora between Delfines and Marlin street, this place is well loved by anyone in the know. It’s seafood all the way here with all your typical options like fresh tuna tostadas, fried fried tacos, ceviche, also with some slightly different takes on these classics, like their ceviche veracruzano or their molcajete, which is like a giant ceviche for two served in a stone cauldron. It’s a lot of seafood for 250 pesos. For a quick lunch, their fish tacos and the tuna tostada are a must. Two things that put this place high on my list is they start you off with a little soup with a giant prawn in it – think a large sized amuse bouche. Their aqua fresca is gigantic and only 25 pesos and might be the best value in town when it comes to this refreshment.

4. Costa Pacifico. A new spot just opposite from Attico, where the old Falafel and Friends place used to be. Prices are higher than what you’d expect for things like fish tacos and tostadas, but you get what you pay for. On my first try of this restaurants, I ordered a scallop tostada that did not hold back on the fresh bay scallops, 3 deep fried crab tacos that used real crab, instead of the imitation surimi, and the fried shrimp taco with 4 giant fried shrimp. One of the better handmade tortillas in town.

5. El Pescador. A new seafood spot that’s a little hidden away save for a sign downstairs directing you up. Tucked away, but still right in the plaza with two floors of seating. This is just a great overall place for seafood and poke bowls. Their burritos are a steal at around 60 pesos, but really, they just do so many things well here that’s an easy option if you want good seafood.

Best Steak/Chicken In Sayulita

1. Trattoria Toscana. Right across from Barracuda is one of 12(?) Italian restaurants in Sayulita. I don’t much care for their pastas, pizzas, or salads, but this is the place if you want a big steak and don’t mind paying for it. If I’m going there, I get the more reasonably priced ‘Cowboy’ steak that resembles a mini version of their 1 kg Tomahawk (1100 pesos). This might actually be one of the most expensive places in town.

Cowboy Tomahawk steak from Trattoria Toscana Sayulita

2. El Itacate. My favorite little spot makes it onto another list. While you don’t get the whole steak like at Trattoria Toscana, you do get the best meat in any taco or burrito in Sayulita here. The arranchera just melts in your mouth. They serve such generous portions that I always split each taco into two. This is by far the best taco value in town for the amount of meat you get.

3. La Parilla d’Sandari. I stumbled across this place just outside the plaza when I went for my cabeza and sesos tacos (now closed). The previously hole in the wall spot has transformed a bit to be a full blown parilla serving up big cuts of steak along with all the side options. They have a very good deal for 2 arrachera (rib eye) tacos and an aqua fresca for 60 pesos. It’s one of my new go to spot for a quick lunch.

4. Mr. Ribs. A new location from transplanted from the original in San Pancho. The quality of the food is really good, even if it’s not quite there compared to the original spot. I’m giving them a little time to get it right. Ribs are full of flavor, especially if you get the BBQ or the Garlic sauce option and the skirt steak is super tender. If I remember correct, the chicken is in a rotisserie in San Pancho, but it’s done a la plancha (on the grill) here. The best options in my opinion is the 3 piece chicken with garlic sauce, or the Parillada for 2. I’m eyeing the molcajete for next time to see how it compares to Barracuda.

5. Hotel Oz. The tapas restaurant the Hotel Oz has a lot of small plate options, but you can get some nice chunks of meat here too, including some great slow cooked options. Their menu changes from time to time, so it’s a good place to revisit every so often if you’re here for an extended stay.

6. Pancho Pechugas. A small chain of chicken rotisserie. I used to have walk all the way over to the local dental office to get to Pancho Pechugas, but they now have a new location just across the bridge next to Organika. I’m used to getting my flame grilled chicken at either Yolanda’s (up the hill from Attico) or El Pollo Surfo (no longer there), but that was only because I was too lazy to walk. You really can’t beat the rotisserie chicken here and it comes with roasted baby potatoes and a macaroni salad. 75 pesos for 1/2 a chicken and all the sides. Best value in town.

Best Places To Eat And Drink On The Beach in Sayulita

1. Coco’s Beach Club. When we fancy a nice lounge chair and umbrella with a big margarita in our hands, this is where we go. Whenever we’re there, I like to remark that this is what it feels like to be on holiday. They’ve got a menu that has way too many items, but I can recommend getting their seafood tostadas and ceviches to snack on while you drink under the sun.

2. Azul Pitaya Beach Hotel & Resort. If there’s even a spot that remotely resembles a ‘place to be seen’, it’s here. The new hotel and resort is right on the beach with a nice open terrace to hang out on.

3. El Patio. This is our favorite spot for an afternoon michelada. You get a generous portion of michelada mix with a beer and then can keep topping it off with another beer until you finish the whole thing. They serve up some nice small plates too.

4. Bar La Isla. Cross the river and you get a more quiet and rustic beach spot with one of my favorite margaritas on the sand. Sometimes I just come out here to nap on the beach and then wake up and have a drink and some tostadas. This is sort of a more chill and less crowded doppelganger of Coco’s as far as the cuisine goes.

5. El Costeno. This constantly packed restaurant is right off the Main Street down to the beach. It’s on the beach, but very much a no frills type of place that serves up generous portions of grilled fish and the largest margarita you will find in Sayulita. Don’t get tempted by the extra grande one. It’s like 10 margaritas in one.

Best Tacos In Sayulita

This is a hard category to crack. I could have easily broken it down into multiple categories, but this list would be ever longer than it is now. The only category that I broke out of this are ‘street tacos’ which you can find next. Every place on this list serves handmade tortillas. You can’t start out any better than that.

1. El Itacate. I don’t need to say anything else about El Itacate.

2. Mary’s. My second favorite taco place makes the list because of their Baja style fish and shrimp tacos. I like the Sayulita Taco and the Mary’s Taco because of all the extra things they put on top. And their chipotle sauce. Sometimes, I just want to bring food from other places and ask if I can use their chipotle sauce.

Mary's Seafood Fish Tacos

3. Naty’s Cocina. This kitchen serves up a lot of the classic tacos you find in Mexico, but oddly don’t find in Sayulita. That’s probably because a lot of these dishes take hours to prepare so it’s a different type of eating experience. The step up restaurant is almost like a cafeteria, where you choose from the different trays and bowls that include a mole and cactus taco that I can still taste as I’m writing this.

This is probably one of the cheapest tacos in Sayulita and I much prefer it to the street tacos, which only fill me up with tortillas.

4. The Real Fish Taco. I almost wanted to hate this place because of their name. I came in a little biased, but I came out reluctantly agreeing with their confidence. The tacos are not big, they are not the cheapest, but the fish is sublime.

The Real Fish Taco in Sayulita

5. La Rustica. This place, in my opinion, has the best made tacos, if price isn’t taken into account. Think gourmet tacos that small and costlier, but damn are they tasty and different from what you normally get in town.

If you’re heading to Sayulita, check out my ‘Complete Guide To Sayulita‘ before you go so you can make the most of your trip and find the places to stay and things to do.

Tacos al pastor vendor in Sayulita Mexico

Best Street Tacos In Sayulita

I love street tacos in Mexico, but I don’t really love them that much in Sayulita, to be honest. By street tacos, I usually refer to these carts with a giant rotating ‘trompo’ of meat. This is Mexico’s version of fast food and late night eating. In other parts of the country, you can find these tacos al pastor for as little as 5 pesos. They are greasy and delicious but the meat to tortilla ratio is disappointing.

In Sayulita, they run between 15-20 pesos, and I need to eat like 6 of these to get full. For that price, I can eat at so many other spots that are way better. But a couple places do stand out (and they aren’t all carts).

1. Tacos Tono. A raved about spot that’s well loved by the locals. For vegetarians and meat lovers alike, I’m dragged here more often than I’d like and I never regret it, but my cholesterol levels are not helped by partaking.

2. Tacos al Ivan. This is one of those places I’m talking about that I’m not the biggest fan of, but everyone eats here when its 3 am and you’re taking a breather from one of the nearby bars. It’s definitely a part of the Sayulita nightlife experience.

3. Rinconcitos. This is another spot that has been around for as long as I’ve been visiting Sayulita. These ladies serve up some fast tacos during the day. I think they moved to a more permanent spot that’s off the street now.

Tacos al pastor in Sayulita Mexico

4. Birria Cart. I don’t recall ever knowing the name of this place, but it is a little cart that you’ll find a crowd standing around during the daytime near the seafood market and Rinconcitos. They serve up these fried birria tacos that are artery clogging good.

5. Cabeza Cart. Another one with no name. It’s usually around earlier in the day in front of Orangy. I love it for the cabeza (head) and lengua (tongue) tacos. They occasionally have sesos (brain) too, and that’s my favorite.

6. Tacos al Prieto. This place serves carnitas until 3 pm everyday and tacos dorado on Sundays. The rest of the stuff is pretty good, including their fresa jamaica agua fresca, but I come here for carnitas and tacos dorado.

7. Carnitas. Right at corner before you cross the bridge, is a little shack that serves up really tender carnitas for 20 pesos. I love it.

Best Burgers In Sayulita

When it comes to something as classic as the humble hamburger, everyone has a different opinion on what a good burger should be. Some purists have argued that between the two buns should just be a beef patty, raw sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, and lettuce. For me, it’s all about the bun and nothing can beat the brioche. I also prefer mine with a runny egg and something to give it a bit of sweetness, like caramelized onions.

1. La Fogonera. This place easily takes the top spot despite strong competition and some really smashing burgers offered around town. Fogonera offers a handful of sirloin beef and vegetarian burgers with one of the best hand crafted brioche buns around for around 80-90 pesos. It’s topped with black sesame seeds and toasted to give you that crunch on the outside and the sweet fluffiness on the inside. The meat is well seasoned. The lettuce, tomatoes and pickles keep things fresh and the caramelized onions finish it perfectly. I’m a fan of the Munchies burger that comes with bacon and a fried egg that I order over easy (medio cocido), but the Hawaiian and the Vegetarian are just as amazing. Now, the most important thing is remember is to put the Chipotle Cremosa on the burger.

2. El Tiburon. This American/Tex Mex spot that’s in the same alley spot where El Conejo used to be offers very excellent cuisine and service. During my burger review binge, I ordered their Gringo Burger and was almost ready to proclaim in my favorite in Sayulita. It was closed. The waffle fries that come with it were by far were the best fries I’ve had in town. Their take on the caramelized onions is Coca Cola onions, which I assume are onions cooked with Coca Cola. The bun is a brioche, so that’s a winning start there. My only knock on it is that for 225 pesos, it’s definitely a little on the pricier side. It’s also an extra 25 pesos for bacon or avocado and 15 pesos a fried egg. Compared to La Fogonera’s Munchie burger at 90 pesos, the equivalent would be 265 pesos.

3. La Katrina. Another spot in the plaza with live music, where Wendy’s sports bar and the cheap cerveceria used to be. There are a few different burgers here with my favorite being the Sayulita Suprema that’s your classic burger topped with shrimps and chipotle sauce. At 155 pesos, it’s in between El Tibuon and La Fogonera and it’s in a great spot in the plaza with live music. Their classic burger is 125 pesos and they have a nice Portabella burger option that’s 115 pesos. If I don’t want to always eat at La Fogonera, I’ll come here.

4. Public House. This is sports bar/pub spot that offers a simple but well executed menu. I’m a fan of their Cobb Salad with fried chicken, but the burger here is also done pretty well. At around 180, it’s not cheap, but if you prefer to chase down your meal with a good selection of craft beer right in the plaza, this is a great spot. They also have a Beyond Burger, which uses a plant based patty that tastes just like real beef.

5. Ruben’s Deli. Ruben’s is a sandwich place (so technically not burgers), but it definitely deserves a spot here because it’s an easy go to spot for amazing hot sandwiches and pasta salads. It’s right on the main street (Delfines) heading to the beach and serves up some buttery, grilled sandwiches with a side of pasta (usually 4 that you can choose from). There are so many good choices like the Reuben, the Patty Melt, and the Pastrami. The cold pasta selection is amazing as well, and I never choose anything except for the Asian noodle salad.

Pastrami Sandwich and Asian Pasta from Ruben's Deli Sayulita

Best Breakfast Spots In Sayulita

1. Yah Yah. This health food haven is my favorite place to have a quiet breakfast and coffee away from the crowd. It’s also a great place to do some work or get in some reading. I can’t say enough about this place because there are so many options to choose from whether you go the loaded bagel route or the pretty-Instagram bowl route.

They’ve got Vietnamese coffee so that automatically gets an extra star in my non-existent rating system. It’s organic-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-friendly, and so many other types of friendly all in one high-ceilinged modern café.

2. Anchor. This is another go to spot for great and cheap breakfast/brunch/lunch. They close at five and everything is good there. Their bowls, mochas and coffees are on par with some of the best in Sayulita at a lower price point.

3. Organika. Remember me talking about starting your day with an acai bowl. Yea. Good coffee and fresh smoothies. The bowls are great as a brunch options. Try the Buddha Bowl.

4. Orangy. This is where I go for a liquid breakfast that is packed with all the nutrients and macros I need. Their smoothies, are by far the best in the town, and you can get them with protein powder too.

Sayulita's Chocobanana

5. Chocobanana. This is one of the oldest restaurants in Sayulita. Named for their offering of chocolate covered bananas, which you absolutely need to get. Bring a lot of friends, because the more you buy, the cheaper it costs. This is such the hang out spot for tourists to get their fill of the type of breakfasts they find at home. Sometimes you just want bacon and eggs or a full English breakfast as a break from huevos rancheros.

6. Tierra Viva. I’ll keep this simple. Come here for their Eggs Benedict. Everyone comes here for their Eggs Benedict. So come here for their Eggs Benedict. I like mine with shrimp.

Best Italian Food In Sayulita

HOLD TIGHT. There are so many new Italian spots that I’ve basically cleared out this section to do a full tasting and review again.

For a Mexican town, there is a surprising number of Italian options in Sayulita, and they are all quality ones serving up hand made pastas and oven fired thin crust pizzas.

1. La Rustica. La Rustica narrowly beats out Ino here because they’ve got a larger selection and variety in their offerings. Their wood fired oven pizzas are not large, but they are so delicious and possibly my favorite slice or two in town. The pastas honestly remind me of the stuff I eat in smaller Italian villages. I think the number of ex-pats here is the reason why there are chefs trained by proper Italians.

La Rustica wood oven pizza

Best Far East Food In Sayulita

There’s enough variety in Sayulita that you don’t get bored of the food scene and complain about having too many Mexican meals. These are the places that take you a little further East than the rest of the offerings.

1. Zakar. This restaurant opened a few years ago by a couple from Berkeley, California. They brought down their Moroccan restaurant and offer some some beautiful tagines and stews. I strongly recommend any of their lamb options.

2. Achara. This restaurant serves pretty decent Thai food. Their curries and pad Thai are pretty close to what you’d find in most Thai restaurants around the world. It’s a little on the upscale side as far as their Sayulita interior decorations go. A pad Thai dish runs around 190, so it’s not the cheapest place to eat Asian food, but it’s worth it.

3. Loro Cafe. There aren’t any proper pho or ramen options in Sayulita, but Loro Cafe comes close with their take on the noodle soups.

4. Cocina Feliz Express. Full on proper take on Chinese fast food takeaway. I’m glad to see this place open up and so are the locals. Cheap asian food was something missing in Sayulita until now. Don’t expect fine dining, but it will hit the spot and fill you up for 70-100 pesos.

Check out the ‘16 Top Things You Have To Do In Sayulita‘ if you need some activity ideas to burn off all these calories.

Best Places To Get Filled Up For Less

1. Bichos. This place by the Iguana tree is the type of no-frills taco and quesadilla place you find all over Mexico. Pick your meat and then pile it up with over 15 different salsas and toppings.

2. Loncheria Los Nieves. Surfing takes a lot of energies, so this torta place serves up some carb heavy sandwiches that are priced very low.

3. Venezia. This is the most popular place for pizza in Sayulita. I wouldn’t say its the best, but you get the most pizza for your pesos here. 99 pesos gets you a giant pie with unlimited toppings that you can share with 2 or 3 people.

Best coffee in Sayulita

Best Coffee In Sayulita

The ordering and even selection in this category could cause endless debate, depending on who you ask. Just ignore them. These are my favorite places.

1. Miscelanea. This is my go to working space/coffee shop. It’s well hidden away with only a small sign next to Emelianos. This coffee place would fit right in with the Portland or Melbourne coffee scene. You can get your flat white and drip coffee filtered through a Chemex or V60 filter, amongst other options.

2. Taller D Cafe. This little walk up window serves up espresso like I get in Europe. Probably my most frequented place for coffee since it’s so quick and tasty. I actually keep a container of condensed milk and make Vietnamese coffee with their dark espresso poured into a cup of ice.

3. Paninos Window. 

4. Yah Yah. My favorite breakfast places serves up a nice selection of coffee that’s just as good their space is quiet.

5. La Liberaria. This quirky coffee stand is just outside of the La Liberaria, a little hidden gem of a bookstore when you can buy and sell used books. You definitely have to stop by at least once. It’s a little further away from where I usually stay, but worth 8 minute walk for a cold iced coffee.

Best Places For A Nice Drink In Sayulita

Most of the time, me and my friends just get 3 ice cold beers (each) from the OXXO and drink on the beach. For something nicer, we head to these places regularly. Just because you’re drinking barefoot does not mean you’re getting anything less than some of the best cocktails, mezcal and tequila in Mexico.

1. Escondido. This place should be more popular than it is. They make the best and most inventive cocktails in Sayulita.

2. Cava. A close second to Escondido, in my opinion is Cava, which delight you with their creative cava and mezcal based cocktails. I’d put this number one if what you’re after is a tequila or mezcal based cocktail.

3. La Zouave. A super popular hangout spot for the blondest crowd in Sayulita. I’m just calling it like I see it. Not the best in any one category, but they’ve got good cocktails, wine and tapas.

4. El Patio. More of a day drinking spot, but this place has excellent micheladas and margaritas.

5. Lucid. If you like a little tucked away spot where you can drink moscow mules out of copper cups, then this is the place to go. I like this place, but my only knock is that the quality of the cocktail changes a lot based on the staff.

Best Desserts, Ice Cream and Pastries In Sayulita

There is no order at all to this list. I visit these places regularly in between meals for some sweet or a quick snack.

1. Casa Gourmet. A simple bakery that offers my favorite pastry in town if you can manage to snag them right as they come from the oven. The croissants are done in the classic French style. I try to avoid walking by this place, because when I do, I always stop for a pan de chocolate.

French Croissant bakery in Sayulita

2. Wakika. Popsicle heaven. Everything is made with fresh fruit. There are non-dairy and dairy options that are made with yogurt. There are so many cool combinations, but my favorite is the plain yogurt dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts.

Wakika Paleta from Sayulita

3. Postres Tables in the Plaza. On the western side of the main square, you’ll find two tables filled with all sorts of delicious cakes and cheesecakes. One serves cakes from Costco and the other is homemade. Use your eyes, because these tables may switch places from time to time.

4. Mexicolate. Another transplant from San Pancho, this place is amazing for chocolate lovers. Try anything with the spicy chocolate. Their hot chocolate is a great breakfast treat too and very thick in good way.

5. Buonissimo. If you want gelato, this is your place.

Things You Have To Try In Sayulita

Lastly, there are a few other things you’ll find in different locations around Sayulita. Try these if you bump into them.

1. Banana Bread. You can find these from the people walking around on the beach selling them for 50 pesos. Get it. They are so moist and delicious.

2. Churros. There are a couple of vendors selling freshly fried churros. You can get it ‘relleno’, where it’s stuffed with chocolate or caramel.

3. Ceviche. It might look sketchy being scooped from a plastic bucket on the beach, but so far I haven’t gotten sick from these ceviche tostadas.

4. Elote. Hot corn with mayonnaise, butter, chili, and lime. Yum.

In parting, I recommend you bookmark this list before you trip. I didn’t include every restaurant because there are just too many. There are a lot of small stalls that I didn’t couldn’t include them all. I think the fun is trying those out randomly and discovering on your own the ones you like. As far as these lists are concerned, you really can’t go wrong each at any of these places I’ve mentioned. There are many I left off because they were just you average far and a couple that I didn’t care for or found overrated.


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