The Floating Islands Of Puno: “Don’t All Islands Float?”

The Floating Islands Of Puno: “Don’t All Islands Float?”

My bus from Copacabana to Cusco stopped in Puno for a few hours giving me a chance to check out its famous “floating islands” on Lake Titicaca. My first thought was, “Don’t all islands float?”. Then I logically reminded myself that islands are actual landmasses connected to the bottom of whatever body of water they’re in. These “floating islands” are actually man-made by the Uros people in Peru. The islands are formed by bundling and overlapping totora reeds together. The roots of the plant grow in the water and weave themselves together to form a foundation for the island. The people then constantly add the dried reeds on top to keep it above water.

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Totora Reeds Used To Make Uros Floating Islands In Puno

The larger islands support around 10 families and their homes.

Home On Puno Uros Floating Islands

Puno Uros Floating Islands

Local Uros Woman On Floating Island In Puno

Puno Uros Floating Islands

The same dried Totora Reeds are bundled and woven together to make form these boats. They even have a sun tanning deck. I think.

Totora Reed Boat Made By Uros People Floating Island



Updated on May 14, 2018


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