Bucket List: Lake Titicaca And Who Came Up With That Name?

Bucket List: Lake Titicaca And Who Came Up With That Name?

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

You can try, but there really isn’t an elegant way of pronouncing the name of this lake that straddles Peru and Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and one of the highest lakes in the world at 3812 m (12,507 ft). The origins of the name are unknown, but “Titicaca” combines words from the local languages Quechua and Aymara and has been translated to mean “Rock of Puma”. I got this bit from Wikipedia so my knowledge ends there.

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Lake Titicaca From Isla Del Sol


Although it’s a destination on it’s own, it’s also a convenient stop for travelers taking a bus between La Paz, Bolivia and Cusco, Peru. On the Bolivian side, I stopped at Copacabana (not to be confused with that city made famous by the song, that’s in Brazil). It’s the main town on the shore of Lake Titicaca and the gateway to Isla Del Sol, an island on the lake that makes for a perfect day diversion or overnight diversion. Before I caught one of the most beautiful sunsets over the lake from the harbor as the boats were anchoring for the evening. It’s one of my favorite scenes from my Around The World Timelapse.

Copacabana Sunset From Lake Titicaca Harbor

I love local markets and they generally lead me to my next meal. In Bolivia, this was easy as you can smell the meats grilling from quite far away. Meals are usually quite simple. Case in point, this street snack was just skewers of meat and potatoes. And for less than $2 USD.

Grilled Meats and Potatoes in Copacabana Bolivia

It was delicious. People talk about knowing where your food comes from. I like the idea, but sometimes it’s better ignorance is bliss. I saw this trucked parked on the street with slabs of meat sitting in the sun. That being said, what doesn’t kill only makes you…full?

Cow Legs Sitting On Truck In Copacabana Bolivia

Isla Del Sol

I met up with some friends and took a boat over to Isla Del Sol. It was a perfect day for a hike that went directly from one drop-off point to the pick-up point with a grand view of the lake from high up. Definitely worth a stopover when you’re traveling from Bolivia to Peru.

Isla Del Sol Day Hike Lake Titicaca

There wasn’t much else to do on the hike so I did some jumping shots with a friend I met on the boat. Here’s my “Superman” pose below.

Man Attempting Superman Jumping Shot Isla Del Sol

If you want more cool ideas in ONE book, this is my favorite. I’ve dog-earred so many pages for ideas of where to travel to next and what to add to my bucket list.



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