When You Learn, Teach. When You Get, Give. – Maya Angelou

Since my first trip abroad to Vietnam when I was 20, I’ve been learning everything about traveling one flight at time. Tips, tricks, hacks, mistakes. They’re all a part of it. Most I learned from experiencing, some I learned from experts and those who came before me. And some from my fellow travelers. I learned how to travel for cheap. And then cheaper. I learned how to save time planning. Or not plan at all. This is where I’m trying to do my part to give back and try to inspire a few of you to get out and plan that dream trip you’ve always wanted to do. You never stop learning. This is why I’m still in love with traveling after all these years. Everyday is a chance to encounter something new and experience something different. The world is just so big and it’s always changing. I’m doing my part to just ride this wave.

Travel Guides

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Couchsurf

No and bait and switch here. I have plenty of reasons why you SHOULD couchsurf, which you can read about (later) at Why You Should Couchsurf At Least Twice, (coming soon) but these are my legitimate thoughts on why you SHOULDN’T couchsurf.

In The Bag: My Must Have Travel Gear

With more than half of my year spent traveling and away from San Francisco, I’ve learned to live with less. In fact, it’s always a shock when I come home and find that I own things I’ve completely forgot about and don’t need on a day to day basis.

How To Take Better Travel Photos: People and Portraits

This is the second in my series of write-ups on “How To Take Better Travel Photos”. In this series, I’ll explain my philosophy and etiquette for how to take better shots of people you encounter on your travels, whether they are locals in their natural environment or just interesting looking people.